Young Keeva Wows Conference


Keeva writing after Representing Inspired Youth at the No Wrong Doors conference for the Childrens & Young People’s Workforce in York. Keeva performed a short monologue for the preview screening of Samaritans campaign.

“I can remember standing in that huge hall for the first time with Kev and CJ but even then I didn’t realise just how difficult it was going to be, or how many people were actually going to be watching me. It’s one thing to act in front of a camera and a few people, but a completely different thing to perform in front of around 200+ people! Even just in front of Kev and CJ I was a little shaky. I was so worried that it wouldn’t go right!

The morning before the conference I could hardly concentrate, and I kept on going over and over my lines to try and get them perfect. When we got there, the panic set in even more when I realised just how many people were actually there! I was shaking so much and I was getting more and more nervous as it was getting closer and closer to my performance. Even just standing at the side waiting for to go on stage I was petrified! But once I was on the stage, it wasn’t so bad, I really enjoyed it actually. Now knowing I’ve stood up and performed in front of all those people is an amazing feeling. I got such a buzz out of it, and knowing other people enjoyed it too was great. The best part of it is I’ve faced my fear and I am so proud of myself!”

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