Turning creative ideas into reality


Today as my second day of volunteering with Inspired Youth, we focused mainly on a new project Inspired Youth are planning to run with Show Me That I Matter called ‘Care Stories’. The project will reach out to group of children in care in order to creatively tell their stories as a positive outlet, focusing on mental health.


Today we worked on the Lifecycle for the project, which is a visual map to represent the journey from the very first meeting right through to the final product. Using this Lifecycle, we established a design that included all the different aspects of the project and how it will run. Visually, it is an aid that will help everyone involved to clearly see dates, times and activities taking place. It is also useful for the participants who will be involved to learn about the opportunity.


The main aim of the Care Stories project is to create a booklet containing genuine stories of children in care, which will be combined to create a fictional character and story written by Paolo Hewitt,an established writer who grew up in care himself. The project will explore the different ways that being in care can impact on a young persons mental health and emotional wellbeing, and to show that it’s not uncommon to struggle. It will also be used to give young people advice and guidance by telling them about services and support available to them.

Below, you can see how ideas start as sketches and notes before Inspired Youth turn it into a reality.

image1 image1

For me, today has been a learning experience in many ways. I have observed and contributed to the creative process of starting and developing a project. Seeing how ideas and concepts are pulled together has been really insightful. The organisational factors behind even seemingly simple projects are much more complex that i previously though as there are multiple people behind organisations trying to make things work.

I am looking forward to seeing further developments in this project and it will be really interesting to see how the project comes together and how the finished project will look in reality.

Look out for my next post, thank you for reading!