LIT young people inspire audiences


Inspired Youth have coproduced a series of powerful films carrying inspirational & experienced driven messages shaped by young people. The series was a collaboration with NCOP designed to explore social issues facing young people using creative workshops to develop and produce a film that challenge stereotypes and tackle prejudice. The journey driven creative process also introduces young people to professional artists and our hands on approach means they learn skills, develop confidence and learn more about creative industries. The projects are driven by young people from concept to production.

Lost In Translation Selby

The first film was produced by young people in Selby and carried strong messages about the way young people are perceived and how too often they feel judged by society.

“We are not disrespectful, stupid or self-centred
We are not rude or misbehaved
Young people are not immature, loud or stuck up
We are respectful teenagers who want to be seen for who we are and not for who people think we are”
~ Imogen (Selby)

The next project in the series was LIT Bilton working with a group of young people in Harrogate. Through a series of workshops the group developed themes and wrote narrative to convey the thoughts feelings ideas and aspirations. LIT Bilton strongly highlighted the importance of youth workers in the community and access to support. This group also felt that society misrepresented them in the media, fuelling negative stereotypes which the young people were keen to address.

“Young people are seen as hooligans. We are not always accepted for who we are, sometimes we are isolated and dismissed as trouble makers. The way we see ourselves is happy, free, talented and very expressive. Young people want to be accepted in society. We are creative, we have talents and we are hopeful” ~ Dylan (Bilton)

LIT Bilton Film

“Young people want to be understood and treated equally, we are useful, we can be cooperate, we are expressive and passionate about our feelings. Young people need to be treated with respect to be understood by others” ~Matthew J (Bilton)

The final film in the series was coproduced with young people in Colburn, Catterick Garrison. LIT Colburn highlights that young people are all unique and all have dreams and ambitions despite the challenges they face. Colburn is in the top 25% most deprived areas in the UK and the young people from the area were determined to make a powerful statement about some of the difficult challenges they had faced in life and to highlight that they had dreams and ambitions just like everyone else. The productions all had premier events to screen the films and celebrate the achievements of the young people involved.

We’ve been through things you haven’t seen
Felt feelings you haven’t felt
We’ve been through some hard experiences
Through adoption,
Family problems,
Through bereavement
ADHD Anxiety Depression

And the pain of loss
We are not all ruthless all of the time
Everyone is different
And not all young people are the same