Learning about production


Today, I have been doing some more work with Inspired Youth. When i first arrived, we watched the Hands & Voices video with Ian Donaghy who organises, runs & hosts A Night To Remember. Hands and Voices is a fully inclusive singing and signing community choir that inspires disabled people to communicate through creativity, they will be performing at A Night To Remember next week. After watching the almost finished version, we added a few minor changes, usng a programme to edit the pictures so that they looked a better quality, filtering some into black & white, and adding the last few finishing touches.

After this, Ian showed us a range of short clips which needed to be edited into one longer clip to raise awareness of Dementia, to be shown next week at the A Night To Remember event at York barbican.

We took a closer look at the short clips, and decided which ones to use. After this we used a video editing programme to bring them all together, choosing background music and sound effects carefully to ensure it was the highest quality possible.

Today has been so insightful and I have learned so much about the editing and production process of a project, how to add in music & sound effects and just how essential the little things are to ensure the highest quality. I have really enjoyed seeing how these things work, and I look forward to being able to help with the editing process and doing more work with Inspired Youth.