Keeva starts Inspired Youth Work Experience


Hi, my name is Keeva, I am currently a student at All Saints Sixth Form studying Psychology, English Language and Philosophy & Ethics A Levels. This week i have started work experience with Inspired Youth.

Today, Owen Turner, the Managing Director from United By Design came in to discuss rebranding of the IY logo. We discussed how we could rebrand the logo of the organisation to represent the legacy that has been making a profound impact for the last 10 years. We wanted to make the logo more current whilst making sure aspects still remained to highlight the evolution in the way the organisation has grown and changed. Owen will adapt our visual elements while taking inspiration from the original logo. We wanted to explore different ways to show Inspired Youth’s development over a decade and aesthetically open up it’s brand identity to a much wider range of people.

Another form of branding being discussed is a visual, moving logo that would be used in visual media. As a not-for-profit organisation, Inspired Youth strives to always raise aspirations by sharing real life experiences, expressing them through a variety of creative art forms. This is why we want to enhance our branding in a way that shows who we are. In developing our logo, we want to showcase our organisations development and social impact over the past 10 years.

Inspired Youth’s exisiting Logo looks like this:


For me, sitting in on this meeting made me realise just how important branding and logos are. Inspired Youth isn’t just another organisation, the personality, goals and influences are all so important in showing not just who Inspired Youth are, but the resilience and sheer determination of every aspect in their working life. Personally, i would love to see a logo that channels all the hard work and development that has made IY into the legacy it is today. It needs to be something extraordinary and individual. Highlighting the mark of a decade, ten years of constant growth, change and aspirations is an achievement that should be recognised.

Having the opportunity to gain work experience with Inspired Youth means that i will get the chance to be involved in the rebranding of the company logo. As well as this, i will also be able to participate in a range of other opportunities to learn about the work that they do across the community. This voluntary experience will contribute to my sixth form enrichment module and will provide me with a deeper insight into not only the work that Inspired Youth do daily, but also into the community and the issues that ordinary people everywhere are faced with everyday.

Another positive to working with Inspired Youth means that i will get the chance to frequently share my learning experiences via this blog, I look forward to sharing more, thank you for reading.