Inspired Youth film shines for Calderdale


A new Inspired Youth film is shining the light for a range of new and innovative services in Calderdale that support teenagers on the edge of homelessness and care. The film was well received in Calderdale and was recently screened at a DFE event in London to ministers and local authorities from accross the country. Gary Pickles, then service manager for Children Looked After in Calderdale said “The film is fabulous. Together with Inspired Youth we came up with a short film that will get our message about innovative services for young people on the edge of care out to thousands”.

Stephanie Furness, Housing Project Manager for Calderdale Council said “This was my first experience of creating a film. Inspired Youth provided excellent guidance and support. Their empathic approach get the best from professionals and young people who would have otherwise been very camera shy. The result is the Edge Of Care film, it looks amazing and it really does shine”.

The film will now be shown to professionals accross Calderdale and used as a resource my broadly to promote their innovative Right home approach.