Foster Recruitment Campaign set to launch in Kirklees & Leeds


A public facing foster carer recruitment campaign produced by Inspired Youth is about to launch to the public. The campaign created in partnership with Foster Focus, Kriklees and Leeds City Council was shaped via consultations with foster carers and is driven by real care experienced young people rather than actors to explore what qualities they felt a good foster carer needed. The campaign is aimed at appealing to people who might not consider becoming foster carers and is designed to reach out to resilient, empathic people who could offer a young person support and stability at a crucial and critical point in their life.

The campaign features 3 young people Caitlin, Sarah and Conor in a series of print media posters and banners set to be launched on buses, advertising hoardings and online. The poster series lead people to a short film about the young people which in turn leads to another film which also features two foster carers, Andy and Viv.

The We will post the films here when they go live! #aspire2more #IY9 #Aspire2more