Brainstorming with York Mix


Today I have been doing some more volunteering with Inspired Youth! This afternoon we met with Chris Titley from York Mix, which is a popular digital platform for news and information about York. We discussed a range of new potential projects and ways to develop ongoing media projects. We largely discussed arts and media projects and ways in which we could use social media to reach out to all different social groups, and how we could get more people involved in projects.

We discussed different forms and aspects of social media and considered how using social media would work inclusively as a great tool to engage with a much wider audience, whilst giving more people an opportunity to be involved in creating visual content.


For me, meeting Chris was really interesting as he had a lot of ideas and insight which could potentially be very helpful in the growing and development of any projects. He seemed really eager to give as many people as possible a real opportunity to be part of new, innovative projects. He had a lot of ideas which worked really well with our own, and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop in the future. I’ve really enjoyed being able to participate in real life meetings and interactions, i have learned how ideas are built and evolve within a brainstorming situation. I was even asked to give my own opinions and perspective of how social media can be embraced to connect with a youth audience. Keep reading my blogs for the next chapter of my experience! #aspire2more