Behind the scenes with Citizens Advice


Today I joined Inspired Youth to meet Kate Cassidy who is an Outreach Advisor for the flood service at York Citizens Adviceimage3

We met at the City Council Offices, where we discussed different ways that we can reach out to the people who were most effected by the flooding in york. Kev and Liam talked about the top tips video they are producing, to share advise and guidance about what to do in the event of future flooding. They want the video to feature local residents who were affected by the flooding in York, aswell as emergancy service proffesionals who could give advise on what to do & where you can go for help if your home is flooded.

Kate spoke about her experience in the past with a veriety of different communities of people effected by floods which made me realise how much stress and preassure it can place on families.


It was interesting to hear the kinds of preparaton and effort that goes in to seemingly effortless projects and events, and it really stood out to me how much Kate cared about helping these people in any way she could.

As well as providing advise and support through the flood support service, Kate also is responsible for managing a series of Flood Resident Meetings to engage with the community and raise awareness abut the support available to people. The kind of support that Kate offers includes supporting the travveller community, helping local residents to apply for support, from advise on benefits right through to issues around immigration.


Inspired Youth will work together with Citizens Advise to engage with people to be involved with their film to help and educate the wider community about how to act quickly and efficiently to save personal belongings and how to keep them safe from flood water.

Today has been really insightful for me, I have realised the importance of forming partnerships with other organisations and that when working together with them bigger things can be achieved & many more people can be reached out to help and be helped.


If your home has been affected by flooding in york, you can call Citizens Advise York to arrange an appointment on 01904 683 908.